Duracell just released another powerful ad for their #trustyourpower campaign produced by the New York branch of Saatchi & Saatchi. After watching this one about legally deaf Seattle fullback Derrick Coleman go here to watch the spot on all-pro linebacker Patrick Willis.


“but I’ve been deaf since I was three, so I didn’t listen”

Whats my excuse? I don’t have one.

Hipsters that inspire!


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been gaining popularity for the past few years and have finally reached the tipping point. It’s so Hipster its crazy; but it’s so good. Watch it and watch it again. Then go watch all their other videos.





It’s an old new idea.

We The People is an idea I’ve had for a few years and I’m finally in a position to turn it into a reality. This is a place for all you creatives to share your work and network at the same time!

Since I’ve been alive I have found that sometimes risks are good to take. If you take a risk you gain good experience from it even if its bad experience. The concept is pretty straightforward of course- but it gives me a sort of confidence to tell myself that risks precede reward. This idea pushes me to take chances that I might otherwise not take.